How Organizational Improvements Can Improve Your Business

Many businesses, especially small ones and those run by solopreneurs, believe they must accept every client and pursue every dollar.

It’s virtually impossible to scroll through social media without seeing a post that features friends getting rid of half of what they own. Inspired by organization guru Marie Kondo, many people are now embracing a more minimalist lifestyle. They report lower stress and less chaos—not to mention more joy.

It’s an appealing promise, and one that you may be able to extend to your business. Here are a few Marie Kondo-inspired ideas for decluttering your business and leaving behind only that which sparks joy.

Clean Your Client List

Many businesses, especially small ones and those run by solopreneurs, believe they must accept every client and pursue every dollar. Not all customers are a fit for all businesses. Every business has a few clients who demand too much time or otherwise make you miserable. Is there a client who does nothing but drain your energy? What about the one whose demands are just not worth the money they bring in? Cut them from your list, and you’ll have more time for clients who spark joy.

Clean Up Your Sales Pipeline

Do you use outdated brochures, or continue to invest in low-conversion portions of your sales process. Is your CRM system still working for you? Do you continue to exhibit at a trade show or convention that offers very little in return? Are you allowing tradition to dictate your decisions?

You can always streamline your sales process to help it operate more smoothly. Consider what you would do differently if you were staring from scratch. Then clean the whole process up.

Set Clear Big Picture Goals

Decluttering demands that you understand why you own what you do, and pare down to only what you need and truly enjoy. Setting goals is similar. If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you tell if you’re getting any closer. Set clear deadlines for meeting each of your decluttering goals. Then ditch your to-do list for a week or two and focus instead on setting goals for the big picture of your business.

Embrace Gratitude

Marie Kondo teaches clients to thank every discarded possession. It once served them well, and therefore is worthy of gratitude. This is a worthwhile attitude in your work. Whether cutting ties with an old client, ditching a brochure, or changing suppliers, express gratitude to that which you’re eliminating—especially if they’re a person. There’s no sense in burning bridges, and we can all benefit from reflecting on--and being grateful to--the past.

The popularity of Marie Kondo points to our collective desire for order and simplicity. It’s easy to eel overwhelmed by clutter, both at home and in business. An attitude of minimalism in all areas of life can help you enjoy more and waste less. Running a business is complicated enough on its own, without adding in additional mental clutter, needless communications, sales tactics that are no longer working, and clients who spark no joy. Declutter your business and watch life get better.

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