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Acquiring a business can be seemingly all consuming. A great deal goes into this complex process, and that means things can go wrong. Thankfully, the right business brokerage firm knows what buyers should and shouldn’t do on the path to buying a business.

Buying a Business in chicago

Buying a Business

Acquiring a business in today’s market is difficult with increased competition and sourcing challenges. The Grasemann Group, LTD. provides buy-side advisory services to companies, PE firms, and investors interested in acquiring small to medium sized privately held companies.

Our business brokers in Chicago work with prospective acquirers to search for businesses within a sector locally, regionally or nationally. Our methodical approach to these engagements is entirely process driven, generating the largest number of potential acquisitions that meet client objectives.

We are ready to assist you with everything from valuations and financing options, to strategy, negotiations, and much more. By investing the time to understand your exact needs, we are able to provide a customized strategy for optimal results.

What to Look for Before Purchasing a Business

When it comes to acquiring a business, the journey is as crucial as the destination. For business owners in sectors such as Distribution, IT, Manufacturing, and Retail, the decision to purchase a business is a pivotal step toward growth and diversification. At The Grasemann Group, LTD., we understand the intricacies of this process and can help ensure a smooth transition.

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How Long Has the Business Been for Sale?

How long a business has been for sale often reveals important information. If a business has been for sale for a long time, it could indicate problems or overpricing. On the other hand, if a business sells too quickly, it may be undervalued or have hidden issues. Our wide network, both local and global, gives us insight into market trends and typical valuations, helping you make a well-informed decision.

The Tenure of the Current Owner

Understanding the duration of the current owner's tenure offers insights into the business's stability and growth trajectory. A long tenure often suggests a well-established business with a stable customer base and consistent revenue streams. On the other hand, a shorter tenure might indicate potential challenges or opportunities for growth.

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Why is the Owner Selling?

The reason behind the sale is crucial. Is it due to retirement, health issues, or a strategic shift? Or are there underlying problems like declining revenues or market share? It’s important to delve deep and understand the motivations behind the sale so you have a clear picture of what you're stepping into.

Evaluating the Financials

A thorough evaluation of the financials is non-negotiable. This includes scrutinizing balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and tax returns. Our team assists in dissecting these financial documents, highlighting strengths, uncovering liabilities, and identifying potential areas of growth. This financial due diligence is vital in assessing the health and potential of the business.

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Consider the Firm's Reputation

In industries like Manufacturing and IT, reputation can be a significant asset or liability. We help you gauge the firm's standing in the market, customer perceptions, and its competitive position. This assessment is crucial, especially in the Chicago, Illinois area, where market reputation can significantly impact business success.

The Grasemann Group, LTD. will:

The decision to buy an existing business versus starting a new one is significant. Acquiring an established business offers several advantages:

Proven Business Model: An existing business has a track record, providing tangible data on its performance, customer base, and market position.
Established Customer Base: You inherit a customer base, reducing the time and effort needed to build one from scratch.
Immediate Cash Flow: Unlike a startup, an acquired business can generate immediate revenue.
Existing Brand Recognition: You benefit from any existing brand recognition and goodwill.
Easier Financing: Banks and investors often view existing businesses with a solid track record as less risky compared to new ventures.
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Why Should I Go to a Business Broker?

Why Should I Go to a Business Broker?

A business broker, especially one with the expertise and network of The Grasemann Group, LTD., plays a pivotal role in the acquisition process:

Access to a Larger Pool of Opportunities: With our affiliation to the largest global business brokerage network, we offer access to a vast array of businesses for sale, both locally and internationally.
Expertise in Evaluation: We help you evaluate the business's worth to ensure you pay a fair price.
Negotiation and Confidentiality: Our team navigates the complexities of negotiation, which ensures confidentiality throughout the process.
Due Diligence Assistance: We guide you through the due diligence process, ensuring all aspects of the business are thoroughly vetted.
Streamlining the Process: Our experience and knowledge streamline the acquisition process, making it more efficient and less stressful.
The Role of The Grasemann Group, LTD.

Purchasing a business is a significant decision, filled with opportunities and challenges. As your advisory partner, The Grasemann Group, LTD. is committed to ensuring that this journey is as rewarding as it is enlightening. Our blend of local expertise and global reach, combined with a deep understanding of industries like IT and Manufacturing, positions us uniquely to guide you through this complex process. Together, we can navigate the intricacies of a business acquisition and ensure a successful transition.


Karl was persistent in his marketing efforts and stayed optimistic through the entire process, which gave me the confidence to push on. At the end of the day, Karl got the sale done and I am very appreciative. I would recommend Karl to any business owner looking to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

jeff ottens

Karl worked with us extensively in the sale of our IT consulting business and was diligent, patient, and preserving through what was a lengthy and complex process. His knowledge of the M&A process, his extensive network of resources, and, above all, his absolute integrity are stellar and beyond reproach.

Stephen A. kuck

Thanks for you work on selling my business. Your banking connections really helped, allowing the buyer to find proper financing and seal the deal. We were able to sell for my asking price, and at a great multiple.

Owner | Healthcare Software Corp.

The sincerity, understanding and professionalism that you showed us were significant factors that I know eventually led to the sale of our business. Your compassion, sense of humor, and ability to transcend the obvious assisted us when were down, tempered us when perhaps we were a bit too excited, and capably always steering us in the right direction.

andy keller